President's Choice Garden 2014 Media Preview

May 6, 2014

President's Choice holds an annual Lawn & Garden product launch every spring.

This year, gone was the lunch in favour of hors d'oeuvres and a more interactive experience with the product developers and manufacturers.

(Viewers on certain mobile devices will be able to see this video now on Vimeo!)

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The President's Choice Garden 2014 magazine (re-imagined from the original President's Choice Lawn & Garden Insider's Report) is not only the garden centre catalogue but also an indicator of current and future trends. One example is the replacement of the disease prone Impatiens walleriana with newer varieties and completely different species.

President's Choice Garden 2014 Magazine

My personal favourite garden idea at the event was the 'Tumbling Tom' tomato hanging baskets. They are in bloom and starting to make fruit. All they need is to include a basil plant in the mix and you are ready to enjoy the rewards of summer.

For more information about the PC line of garden products visit

If you are hosting a garden related event in the GTA and would like it covered in or would like to place an e-poster about it on our Events Calendar, just contact me. I am always delighted to promote anything gardening in Toronto.

Mark Disero

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