April 7, 2011

Gabriela Delworth, Flower & Leaf Press

March 17, 2011

Plant lovers are often collectors. If you have one rose you may have 100. Digital photography has made documenting your collection more than easy. Hundreds and thousands of photographic files fill each of our hard drives.

But serious collectors often keep specimens. There is something exceedingly pleasurable about holding a book that contains the pressed dried flowers of your prized possessions.

When I grew Phalaenopsis orchid species I used to press the flowers. It would allow me to go back to them to check the details that scientifically divided them into separate species. 12 years later, I still have those pressed flowers.

At Canada Blooms this year I had the great pleasure to meet Gabriela Delworth. She shared with me her new Flower And Leaf Press and the fantastic news that it was going to be widely distributed through Barnes and Noble across the United States. For us here it can be found on amazon.ca.

Gabriela Delworth

It is a wonderful kit. It contains the press and an instruction book full of ideas about creating paper and cards and artwork with the pressed flowers. My greatest impression when opening it was “What a lovely gift!” It is so well put together in terms of its creativity and design that it would be a delight to share with others, especially with someone who is new to pressing flowers.

Flower And Leaf Press

I'm sure Gabriela will have great success with it.

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