January 3, 2011

Amaryllis Vesuvius

Amaryllis 'Vesuvius' is one of the dwarf hippeastrums from Hadeco of South Africa. I purchased it through a Canadian mail order company that sells them in packages of 3.

Amaryllis Vesuvius

I originally placed an order for 3 varieties, Vesuvius (red), Cupido (pink stripes) and Jade Serpent (pale green). There must be some sort of confusion at the wholesalers shipping department, because my order was pretty messed up. In the package of Vesuvius I received 1 Vesuvius, 1 Bellissimo (light pink), and 1 Little Star (red with a white star centre). Neither Bellissimo nor Little Star were being sold by my retailer. My order of Cupido turned out to be another order of Jade Serpent.

The retailer replaced the order of Cupido the next fall without question or expense. Two of the three bulbs were Cupido. The third was again Jade Serpent.

This is not an unusual occurrence. I would estimate that over the years approximately twenty percent of the Amaryllis that I have ordered from many different bulb sellers have been mislabelled. The problems could originate in the field or in the packing.

Another thing to note about the Hadeco miniature (or Sonatini) varieties is that the growth habit of the cultivar will be dramatically different after the first year.

Amaryllis Vesuvius

In the first year, Vesuvius bloomed at 10 inches tall and leafless. Now that it is in it's third blooming for me the bloom stalk stands 18 inches tall and there are about 30 leaves. The flowers are 3 inches across.

It is important to remember that it is still half the size of a standard Dutch Amaryllis, which makes it a much more suitable plant for windowsill culture.

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